Hella Flush BBQ

After a chill and laid back day at Coyote Point with my friends and flush cars all around, I was good. Nothing better than hanging out with friends and enjoying the day. I also took time to get some shots of the cars @ HF 6. One word can describe most of the cars there, AMAZING. There was everything from , Subies, 240’s, Corollas, Civics, Cressida’s, Audi’s… and the list goes on. Overall, a really strong Subie showing, repping hard all day. Shoutout to my friend Mike from Fitted Life who was at the show, Mark and the whole Fatlace crew for putting on a great event and Phillip for taking footage, can’t wait for the edit and release on Vimeo :-) Enjoy the photos…

Dope two tone s13 pulled up alongside a Lexus

Skyline Heaven…

Haha, ERK in the background :-D

My favorite Subie at the event.

For ERK: Super clean NA Miata. Wheels, lip, coilovers, hardtop. That is the recipe for a clean roadster:-)

Hella Gangsta!

Last but not least, this shot is for Rudifulus :-D

More Pictures: Click Here for a link to my Flickr, just upgraded to a Pro Account.


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