PSM Solid Subframe Risers [Install]

The start of a good day…

Down & out!

Note: Before moving on to the next steps keep in mind that the subframe is flipped. We flip the subframe once off  the car because the lip of the O.E.M. bushings gets hammered out from bottom to top. Once you flip it, it will all make sense. Also, be sure to add WD40 around all the O.E.M. bushings. Use a lot and let It set for a while.

Materials: Random 2 3/8″ Sized Cap, Small 3lb Hammer, Chisel (optional).

Step 1: Cut the rubber hanging from the OEM bushings so that you have a flat surface to place your cap.

Step 2: Brace the subframe on both edges of the bushings. This part is very important because you do NOT want to bend your subframe when you are hammering away.

Step 3: Hammer gradually/gently as you start to loosen the OEM bushing. Take your time it will eventually come out.

Step 4: Remove the old cracked and worn out OEM bushing and stand back to appreciate you hard work.

Out with the old.

Step 5: Using a wire brush attached to any regular powered drill clean the grime and rust away from the subfame walls. Get them nice and clean and ready for epoxy and your new solid subframe bushings.

Final Step: Using EPOXY make a small batch enough for one spacer at a time. Smear it all around the spacer and slide it into the subframe. You might have to lightly tap them with a hammer but in most cases they should slide right in.

Here she is, waiting for a brand new set of subframe risers…

This is an alternative to the torching method. I was very pleased with the overall outcome and this was much cleaner without the sticky rubber the smoke and the mess. It also takes away from the fear of cutting into your subframe walls when using a sawzall. Let me know If you guys have any questions.



5 Responses to “PSM Solid Subframe Risers [Install]”

  1. RR999666 Says:

    Hella clean!!!..hahaha Dude very handy write up..I’d have to say its the best way to pull them out manually…

  2. Mike Says:

    Nice one dude where did you put the axle stands when you removed the subframe? I can’t put them on the chassis as it just starts to bend it?

    • VYKTR Says:

      I always position them on the frame rails. However, with the subframe out I just moved them up, closer towards the front of the car. They are still on the chassis frame rails though.

  3. Vince Says:

    Can I follow these same steps for a s14 subframe?

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