Panasport/Sexy Style/Aero Mirrors

Panasport G7’s anyone?

These wheels compliment the Sexy Style kit so good when equipped on a 180sx/240sx or any car for that matter:-) In other news I spoke with Ken @ Shine Auto and he said there is a order heading out to San Jose in the upcoming days so he’s trying to arrange for a Sexy Style kit to come in with that same shipment so it wont be that much. So… it seems like it’s finaly going to happen! Im so excited!

Oh, I almost forgot. I also got great deal on some aero mirrors over at the Zilvia marketplace. I was originally searching for some East Bear mirrors and was going to source some out over in Japan with a friend that lives there at the moment, but I couldn’t pass up these Aero Markers mirrors (Electric) which look very similar to the East Bears.

Here is a comparison to the east bear mirrors. They aren’t that different so I aint trippin’ plus the Aero Markers are electric so thats a plus.

East Bears: Top

Aero Markers: Bottom

East Bears: Left

Aero Markers: Right


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