Hatch Update

So, the hatch has been getting some attention lately and it will be receiving alot more within the next upcoming weeks. First off, I recently moved houses and my job’s shift has been changed to 5am-1pm so that explains the lack of updates, I’m usually too tired to do anything after work but that will change. Good thing is that our new house for the time being has a garage, a nice one at that which I have been cleaning and preparing for the hatch. Sadly though, I have placed the hatch on non-op with the DMV and swaped over the insurance to my dad’s car which im curently daily driving, his 1989 Integra. I hope to get the hatch up and running by the time summer is here but I won’t say for sure. The most recent mod I have done has been a URAS hood vent which I picked up from a fellow zilvia member. I had a hard time tracking down URAS molds which were sold about 1-2 years back. Good thing I stumbled across a prestine one when I needed it.


I was a bit hesitant about cutting out a huge chunk of my hood but all it took was the first cut/gash into the paint and it was good from there on out.

The final product greatly made the cars aesthetics improve drastically. Aftermarket hoods or vents in this case, give any car a more eye pleasing look which I like very much.

Now all that is left is to get some DSM paint and give it a color matching coat.


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