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KA Maintenance

September 10, 2013

So this weekend I had the time to work on the coupe for once…

I had been having overheating issues for a while and I never could find out what it was untill I finally found out that the heater core hoses were very brittle and one had a small hole that leaked coolant ever so slightly. I got new heater core hoses so hopefully that fixes that. I also decided that while I was at it I’d relocate the oil filter for the hell of it so I bought a Skullworks oil block.

I also got a earls oil filter relocation block and corresponding XRP -AN fittings and lines to rout the new setup.

Finishing off the maintenance of the KA was refitting the entire intake side with all new gaskets. The intake to head gasket was replaced as was the intake runners gasket, EGR gasket and the throttle body gasket. Everything on the cold side of the engine should be good for many years to come.

So that’s what ive been up to and hopefully the coupe will be running by this next weekend. I’ll be sure to post up a follow-up on how everything turns out. Stay tuned.


Project Update

January 10, 2013

As 2013 starts us off into a new year that we know not much about I am prepared to face it head on. As for the cars in my life… well they have taken the time off. As many of you know by now, trying to get my car, “driftable,” is EXPENSIVE! So I’m just working and trying to keep my funds up at the moment so that I can finish the year off strong and hopefully get my car back up and running. For all of you who follow me thanks for hanging on, I’ll do my best to bring more updates throughout the year.

Here is my current daily beater that I built last summer. Nothing too crazy but I just needed something to get me around since the hatch went under a full rebuild. I contemplated selling it but looks like its going to stay in the family. It’s been such a short time and I’ve already grown attached to it.