June 29, 2011

I did not know I could get that close to the wall:-)

Overall, the skidpad event was great and I feel like I really learned alot from the event. Ill be sure to write a full post on the days coverage and my experience. Oh, and thanks to everyone who made this event possible.


Panasport/Sexy Style/Aero Mirrors

May 25, 2011

Panasport G7’s anyone?

These wheels compliment the Sexy Style kit so good when equipped on a 180sx/240sx or any car for that matter:-) In other news I spoke with Ken @ Shine Auto and he said there is a order heading out to San Jose in the upcoming days so he’s trying to arrange for a Sexy Style kit to come in with that same shipment so it wont be that much. So… it seems like it’s finaly going to happen! Im so excited!

Oh, I almost forgot. I also got great deal on some aero mirrors over at the Zilvia marketplace. I was originally searching for some East Bear mirrors and was going to source some out over in Japan with a friend that lives there at the moment, but I couldn’t pass up these Aero Markers mirrors (Electric) which look very similar to the East Bears.

Here is a comparison to the east bear mirrors. They aren’t that different so I aint trippin’ plus the Aero Markers are electric so thats a plus.

East Bears: Top

Aero Markers: Bottom

East Bears: Left

Aero Markers: Right


December 5, 2010

Just made a cool purchase over on Zilvia. Here is what will be arriving in the upcoming week.

Project Kics Spacers

– 10MM pair

– 15MM pair

Straight Pipe That Chit!

November 26, 2010

So the day started off with me, my car, some pipes and a old Lincoln ARC welder.

At this point I had no exhaust whatsoever and I was two days away from a local car show at EVHS.

I couldn’t get many pictures of the whole process because I was really just putting in work trying to get this done.

This was what it looked like after I was done. The materials set me back around $30.00 and it was all used 2.5″ piping from the junk yard.

Although the tip might not look very menacing, having a straight pipe sounds like a BEAST! So much that I’m having second thoughts of driving the twofordy around everywhere. That is how loud it is. Don’t get me wrong it doesn’t bother me at all but I know it is a bit over the top in the “noise” department . I’m planning on adding some bigger style tips (Dual) and a muffler along with a resonator sometime during the winter break but for now ill be disturbing the peace


Video Coming Soon!

PSM Solid Subframe Risers [Install]

October 10, 2010

The start of a good day…

Down & out!

Note: Before moving on to the next steps keep in mind that the subframe is flipped. We flip the subframe once off  the car because the lip of the O.E.M. bushings gets hammered out from bottom to top. Once you flip it, it will all make sense. Also, be sure to add WD40 around all the O.E.M. bushings. Use a lot and let It set for a while.

Materials: Random 2 3/8″ Sized Cap, Small 3lb Hammer, Chisel (optional).

Step 1: Cut the rubber hanging from the OEM bushings so that you have a flat surface to place your cap.

Step 2: Brace the subframe on both edges of the bushings. This part is very important because you do NOT want to bend your subframe when you are hammering away.

Step 3: Hammer gradually/gently as you start to loosen the OEM bushing. Take your time it will eventually come out.

Step 4: Remove the old cracked and worn out OEM bushing and stand back to appreciate you hard work.

Out with the old.

Step 5: Using a wire brush attached to any regular powered drill clean the grime and rust away from the subfame walls. Get them nice and clean and ready for epoxy and your new solid subframe bushings.

Final Step: Using EPOXY make a small batch enough for one spacer at a time. Smear it all around the spacer and slide it into the subframe. You might have to lightly tap them with a hammer but in most cases they should slide right in.

Here she is, waiting for a brand new set of subframe risers…

This is an alternative to the torching method. I was very pleased with the overall outcome and this was much cleaner without the sticky rubber the smoke and the mess. It also takes away from the fear of cutting into your subframe walls when using a sawzall. Let me know If you guys have any questions.


Hella Flush BBQ

August 11, 2010

Phillip doing what he does best. Thanks goes out to the entire Fatlace crew for putting on a great meet/BBQ/car show.
Song – History Town by Mos Def

Wek’sos Car Show @ Santa Cruz 2010

August 10, 2010

It was a fun day but overall, the “car show” was wack. Some cars were dope but not as much as we hoped for. We chilled at the beach and headed down town for some pizza which ended up making the day well worth it. I guess it’s hanging out with friends that makes everything better. Super fun day, enjoy the pictures.

One of the best examples from the show, the white EK Hatch…

Dope DB8 Integra with clean Enkie wheels.

DA with one of the best paint jobs at the show.

240sx love, had to post this one up :-)

Benny Approves (“You ain’t got to lie Graig, you ain’t got to lie.”)

For more pictures click the link to my Flickr Acc. Click Here

Hella Flush BBQ

August 2, 2010

After a chill and laid back day at Coyote Point with my friends and flush cars all around, I was good. Nothing better than hanging out with friends and enjoying the day. I also took time to get some shots of the cars @ HF 6. One word can describe most of the cars there, AMAZING. There was everything from , Subies, 240’s, Corollas, Civics, Cressida’s, Audi’s… and the list goes on. Overall, a really strong Subie showing, repping hard all day. Shoutout to my friend Mike from Fitted Life who was at the show, Mark and the whole Fatlace crew for putting on a great event and Phillip for taking footage, can’t wait for the edit and release on Vimeo :-) Enjoy the photos…

Dope two tone s13 pulled up alongside a Lexus

Skyline Heaven…

Haha, ERK in the background :-D

My favorite Subie at the event.

For ERK: Super clean NA Miata. Wheels, lip, coilovers, hardtop. That is the recipe for a clean roadster:-)

Hella Gangsta!

Last but not least, this shot is for Rudifulus :-D

More Pictures: Click Here for a link to my Flickr, just upgraded to a Pro Account.

Cleaned Out The Garage

July 20, 2010

Major Inspiration

April 2, 2010

Just found this crazy pic that BLEW MY MIND!!!

I’m Getting Sexy Style Aero for sure, someday in the future that is. Oh, that FC is sick too!