Working On The Hatch

Last weekend I decided to start moving things around the garage to give me room so that I could start working on my car once more. I was starting to lack inspiration and in no way is that beneficial to this build or my self-esteem. It’s really sad seeing my car at this stage, or any car for that matter. I’m pretty sure most of you can agree. Nobody wants to see their beloved car in pieces with no engine, a cut up front end, & lifted on stands. It’s all going to be worth it someday, I know it…

So, I finally received my Panasport G7 wheels from Japan a couple of weeks ago. The rears are perfect for stockbody, 18×10.5 +22, while the front wheels, 17×8.5+40, need a bit more attention. They are going to be rebarreled and reliped soon. Regardless, the mock-up of the Sexy Style kit accompanied by the Panasport G7 wheels makes for a timeless combination.

Up next on the list is to finish the wheel build so that I can mount some tires on them and be able to roll the shell out so that I can fix the front end on my daily. It was in a accident a while back. No major damage occured but the radiator  support got smashed in and it needs to be replaced. I already have a clean replacement to install from my hatch.

Stay tuned good things are soon to come.


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